The Ten

Session One

"Who am I again?"

Session One

*This is all several months post-game, so my memory may plan a few tricks on me. The 10 possible player characters were pre-rolled. On the first night, each PC rolled a d10 which selected their character for them. They then received a character sheet (blank except for casting call, physical description and room for notes.) Throughout the run, if any of the PCs rolled their subject number, the character managed to remember something about their past or their power set. I’m starting to document the campaign just in case we ever want to play in that universe again.


Two military transport trucks are traveling along a dirt road along the outskirts of an American military base. One stops to double check the sensitive machinery in the back while the other continues along. A mile ahead, the driver miscalculates a turn — sending the truck crashing against a boulder then flipping down an embankment.

Inside, the five canisters are damaged, leaking the viscous green coolant preserving their inhabitants. Subjects One, Three, Four, Eight and Ten wake up when the sensitive equipment inside is smashed. Each one finds him or herself naked in a transparent holding tube- some of which are now cracked open and all of which have lost some of the green containment gel.

Having helped each other free, the six discover that the driver and technician were killed in the crash. None of the subjects has any memory of who they are. Each has full amnesia.

By the time the second truck arrives, the refugees have already fled, trying to make their way around the lake that sits in the middle of the desert-like facility.

The PCs then spent quite a while grasping at straws, trying to remember things.

While making their way through around the lake, the group is attacked by 2 flying metal drones. These sentries display advanced technology, but during the battle Subject Three discovers the ability to fire energy bolts. Later, Eight discovers her ability to communicate with plants (not that it does her much good.) So, at least the PCs now know they’re in a super-powered genre.

Traveling around the lake, the team finds themselves ahead of the second truck. The two military officers try to contain the group, but are overcome as Subject Nine demonstrates fighting skill and Subject Ten mental blasts. A bullet fired at Subject Four causes his armor, wings and flaming sword to manifest. Subject Eight is seriously injured.

The remaining five canisters are opened, although Subject Six is unresponsive. The first group quickly updates them on their progress so far. Nine also has a strange gauntlet on his wrist.

Because of Eight’s injuries, it’s decided that Four will attempt a winged escape, trying to get her to the hospital. Easily surviving a second assault by the strange drone robots, the remaining seven subjects (carrying Subject Six)are able to use the second truck to reach the outskirts of the military base. They then abandon the truck, begging transport from an 18-wheeler passing by.

He informs them that the nearest hospital is in Roswell, NM. The group begins to head that way in hopes of rendezvousing with Eight and Four.



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