The Ten

Session Five-Six

Is that who we are?


Having returned to Condor’s woodland base, the team is informed by the computer that it has finally gained access to Condor’s Goldstarr files and that it can now identify the members of the Ten. Relieved (and a little worried given their flashbacks thus far), the team agrees to work together no matter what.

Subject One is identified as Fortunata, a retired mystic living with her family outside London. During her brief tenure with the Argonauts, she maintained a relationship with Radar (confirming their earlier emotional feelings) but complicating them by announcing that both of them are now married to other people.

Subject Two is identified as Radar of the Argonauts. (This is a misidentification. Two is Radar’s robot duplicate.

Subject Three’s identification is tentative as his appearance and powerset and appearance match Starborn, but his fingerprints do not. This is settled easily enough as they discover that Starborn’s twin brother was missing as well.

Subject Nine is a bit crestfallen to learn that he is Condor’s son and sidekick—Flyboy, not Condor himself. He also swears revenge upon learning that it was Laughingstock who forced his retirement through a sever beating.

Subject Ten is freaked out (unfortunate for a projecting empath) when she learns of her history as the Orphan and that she had been placed into a medical coma to stop her rampage. Even so, her actions were caused by her desire for a family and the team promises her that she has one now.

Subject Seven (who has been a rock throughout) has the worst news, discovering that he was accused of murder and rampaged through Las Vegas.

Subject VIII is identified as a former member of the teen group Five for the Future, Subject VI as a Los Angeles vigilante and Subject IV as an injured urban hero from Baltimore.

After a long discussion, the group stumbles upon the fact that all were either minor heroes or superhumans easily overlooked.

Coping with his past, Seven/Gibralter flees the base. At Ten’s prodding, the others go looking for him.

Seven is caught and knocked out by strange feral shadow beasts on a nearby mountaintop. The team arrives and barely push the monsters back through a dimensional gate. Shocking the others, One/Fortunata easily closes the rift— leaving a slight wrinkle in the fabric of space….which seems bad. When Seven recovers, he seems more certain than ever that he had been framed for murder.

Concerned, she teleports the entire group home…but by home she means her house outside London. There is a tear-filled reunion with her husband and daughter. The group also gets more details about the government’s forced recruitment to fight off the alien invasion. They also learn that Radar’s son has been acting as the caretaker of the Argonaut’s files— and the Argonauts had the most exposure to the Jamboo, having been kidnapped (and replaced by duplicates) before.



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