The Ten

Session Seven-Eight

This is who we are


Two/Radarbot and the team return to Washington to search for Radar’s son, Mark Thomasson. Half the team is on lookout while Two/Radarbot, Nine/Flyboy and Ten/Orphan go in to talk with him. After a strangely tepid welcome, he guides them to the Argonauts’ computer archives, but turns around and fires an energy blaster at Subject Two’s head.

The others are stunned, a feeling made worse when Two stands back up to reveal a robotic shell underneath a fleshly exterior. Mark has had experience with the Radarbot before. During the first Jamboo encounter, the Argonauts were captured and replaced with robotic replacements. When the younger Mark Thomasson confronted the Radarbot, he was beaten and left in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

The team scramble to set Mark as east and Radarbot is forced to confront his biomechanical origin.
His memory and programming blank, Radarbot vows to make up for his previous actions by returning Radar to his college-age son.

With Mark’s assistance and Radarbot’s (his fascade now healing) unexpected knowledge of the Jamboo, they are able to piece together what happened to the world’s superhumans. The Jamboo made contact with a faction in the US government and traded technology for superhumans— a prized commodity in their gladiator-obsessed culture. Faking a full-scale invasion, the government simply rounded them up and turned over all of the high-profile heroes and villains.

However, the government held back several minor superhumans for their own defense, using them to enforce order and defend themselves. These superhumans were also used to quash dissent worldwide.

The Ten were mindwiped, but the replacement memories and programming had not yet been set when the accident that freed them occurred.

The team plans an assault on the primary base where they escaped, to draw out their opponents and stop the process of brainwashing.

Sneaking in under the cover of night, the team conducts a rolling firefight throughout the base— in the process defeating the three agents from the hospital and their missing companions (Four, Five, Seven and Eight) again. They are able to liberate another 20 superhumans and pursue the facility leader into the sub-levels. To contain the problem, the unnamed general sets off a nuclear bomb, hoping to clear out all the dangers to national security.

Discovering another use of his earth-controlling powers, Six rides the bomb deep into the Earth, presumably dying while exploding it too deep for it to destroy the base.

The heroes vow to hunt down the remaining conspirators within the government and force the Jamboo to return Earth’s superheroes.




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