The Ten

Session Two-Three

And we still don't know who we are...


On the way out of town, the group is forced to fight their way through a military checkpoint, which is armed with energy weapons and neutralizer equipment.

Having escaped their pursuers, our superpowered former captives made their way to Roswell, New Mexico, to meet up rendezvous with Subject Four and check on Subject Eight’s condition. Arriving during the town’s annual UFO festival, the team finds an abandoned house and raids their closets for some unobtrusive clothes and a little spending money. Subject Ten buys a UFO T-Shirt.

The hospital is swarming with military personnel, so the team is forced back home. At the same time, Subject Nine is finally able to open his (thus far useless) gauntlet and communicate with a computer who asks him if he is ready for pickup.

The group Subject VI at the house when they left, they return to find him almost melted into a fleshlike putty. This is troubling for the couple who lives there and returns to find him. The police having been called, the team prepares to flee. forced to leave Six behind.

Attempting to lose themselves in the parade, an enormous aircraft arrives and hovers over the group. Discovering an ability to fly using his gauntlets, Subject Nine realizes that this is the jet that the computer sent for him. The rest of the team (minus four, six and nine) escape.

The sentient computer asked Nine if he would like to return to base. He agrees and the team finds themselves whisked off to a camouflaged superhero base near Winchester, Va. The group later discovers that the base belonged to the superhuman hero The Condor.

Able to catch their breath, the team attempt to hack into the computer files (to help identify themselves). In the interim, they eat and search the Internet for clues.

They learn that one year ago, an alien force (the Jamboo) attacked Earth. The planet’s superhumans (heroes and villains) united to repel them, but were killed in the space battle. Internet conspiracies claim that the world’s leaders instead traded the superhumans for technology and promises to be kept independent.

Near this point, the group becomes more concerned about One’s power. It seems as if she has the ability to wish for things (like a new outfit) and have them simply appear.



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