Agent Alpha, The Library

Quorum's knowledge base


INT 13
Initiative: 18
Hero Points: 30
Wealth: 6

Powers: Comprehend Languages: 8*, Interface: 8, Neutralize: 15*, Recall: 10
Skills: Detective (Clue Analysis): 8, Scientist: 6
Advantages: Connections: Quorum (High), Connections: US State Department (High), Omni-Connection, Scholar (Computers, Politics), Security Clearance (High), Sharp Eye
Disadvantages: Dark Secret (Criminal Activities), Guilt, Irrational Serious Attraction to Mystery
Motivation: Thrill-Seeker
Occupation: Quorum Operative, State Department Analyst
Secret Identity: Barbara Samson


Powers and Abilities

The Library’s main power is her tremendous intellect and analytical ability. The success of the strike force is largely due to the research conducted behind the scenes by the Library. Her ability to comprehend languages and Interface with machinery were granted her through a device implanted into her brain.

Unbeknownst to even her closest confidants is her ability to neutralize the super-powers of others. The Library believes that this is her last defense should her cover be blown or the Strike Force should turn on her.

Personal History

Born to a lower class family, Barbara was born with a dizzying intellect and ability to grasp information. She completed her doctorate at the age of nineteen. After landing a job with the US State Department, Barbara became disillusioned with her position, stagnant due to sexual and age discrimination. Her intellect and powers began searching for a new outlet. Looking for extra stimulus, she agreed to become an informant for the international crime cartel, the Quorum. Her performance was so spectacular, Barbara was given the position of coordinating operatives in North America.

Avoiding anything that could hurt the country or the market system, Barbara has nonetheless made quite a power base for herself within the organization. But then she got bored again. Quorum’s activities have left a bad taste in her mouth, especially the liquidation of the first Strike Force. It was Barbara who told Damon Vise of Quorum’s part in the slaughter. It was Barbara who became his first recruit in his crusade to destroy the Quorum and take its power for themselves. She has been successful in finding new members for his operatives group, set him up with a high tech base, and shielding him from their superiors.


Beta is cool as a cucumber and very seldom looses control of her emotions. She has a perfectly logical way of doing everything, but is not good in a chaotic environment. A major limitation is her desire to know everything- she cannot abide a mystery as it might throw off her other connections.

Use in Adventures

Beta is not an operative and does not go on missions. She will do support work from her Washington office and has a way of finding out whatever information she needs. Even more so than the Doom Patrol proper, Beta never tips her hand. It is unlikely that players would encounter her unless they are able to trace back the flow of information.


  • It is unknown where her loyalties will lie after the fall of the Quorum. She does harbor secret feelings for Shock Treatment. It’s one of the few things that she still feels passionately about.
  • Should the US government learn of Barbara’s treacherous activities, it will be the largest breach in security history. Expect accusations to be disbelieved until proof is presented. Then a spyhunt of Biblical proportions will occur.


Age: Unknown
Height: 5’4
Weight: 145lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green

Agent Alpha, The Library

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