Agent Delta, The Turncoat

Quorum informant within FBI


STR 10
Initiative: 17
Hero Points: 26
Wealth: 5

Powers: Skin Armor: 12
Skills: Charisma: 5, Detective: 5, Thief (Security Systems, Stealth): 5, Weaponry (Firearms): 4
Advantages: Connections: Quorum (Low), Connections: FBI (Low), Security Clearance (Medium)
Disadvantages: Dark Secret (Criminal Activities), Minor Psychological Instability, Serious Rage
Equipment: EXO-SKELETON [STR: 5, BODY: 6, Flight: 2, Reflection/ Deflection: 10], The Bundren Claw [ INT: 10, BODY: 4, R#2, Microscopic Vision: 30, Recall: 30, Poison Touch: 10]
Motivation: Mercenary
Occupation: Quorum Operative, FBI Field Operative
Secret Identity: Ian Kline


Powers and Abilities

Ian is a perfect physical specimen with high endurance and strength, but he avoids combat when possible. When drawn into combat, he plays for keeps and will use his skills to their limit.

Personal History

There is a lot that the FBI doesn’t know about Ian Kline. They don’t know that ten years ago he was a drugged out runaway. They don’t know that he is an undercover operative for Quorum, an international crime cartel. They don’t know that he can shrug off a hail of bullets.

At the age of fourteen, Ian was alone and on the verge of death from a severe drug addiction. He would certainly have died in a Philadelphia alley if Dr. James Bundren had not kidnapped him. The good doctor had been using local junkies for his scientific experimentation. After a rather gruesome track record, Kline showed some signs of successfully increasing his strength and endurance. Bundren later discontinued the experimentation as the results were sporadic and did not require further treatments. Kline was adopted by Bundren and worked as his enforcer for several years. When they were recruited by Quorum, Kline was sent in to the FBI with a fictitious history. He currently works as a field agent conducting investigations for the FBI and for Quorum.

When Bundren was recruited by Shock Treatment, Kline agreed to join as well


When initially met, The Turncoat appears to be the golden boy of the FBI. Kline will appear to be a friendly helpful member of the government. He has a good sense of humor and projects a sense of honor and trustworthiness. This is merely a façade. Ian Kline knows nothing of loyalty- only of value to himself. He allows very few into his inner thoughts, but those that do find the experience revolting.

Use in Adventures

Delta is an ally, but not a member of the Patrol. He usually works in tandem with Beta on reconnaissance work and information collection. When Quorum turns its attention to a target, a visit from the FBI Field Office is usually the first step.


  • The FBI views Ian Kline as a model field agent. There has been talk of promoting him, but this might actually limit his usefulness to Quorum.
  • Agent Delta was never brought into full confidence about the Doom Patrol’s desire to destroy Quorum. He has discovered bits and pieces and is weighing whether treachery or blackmail will serve him better.
  • James Bundren is the only man to whom Kline has anything approaching affection. Should Bundren switch sides, Turncoat will most likely follow. Should Bundren be killed, the Turncoat will seek revenge in the most horrific way possible.


Age: 32
Height: 6’2
Weight: 230lbs. (higher due to density)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Agent Delta, The Turncoat

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