Agent X, The Unseen

Alien Conundrum of the Quorum


Initiative: 18
Hero Points: 60
Wealth: 0

Powers: Adaption: 15, Chameleon: 10, Dimension Travel (Banishment, Summoning): 12, Mind Probe: 15, Probability Field: 8
Skills: Artist (Actor):10
Limitations: Connections: See Powers & Abilities- most of the Unseen’s power must be used in conjunction.
Advantages: Connections: Quorum (Low)
Disadvantages: Catastrophic Psychological Instability, Oblivious
Motivation: Thrill-Seeker
Occupation: Quorum Operative, Various
Secret Identity: Unknown (Calls herself Lilith)


Powers and Abilities

The Unseen is the perfect spy because she could very well be you- right here and now. When she receives an assignment, the Unseen confronts her target and banishes them to a foreign dimension. Those who have returned from this realm describe it as utterly silent and completely bereft of light. While there is no record of any target being harmed in this dimension, most have been traumatized by the visit.

Only once her target has been banished do her other abilities come into play. Her Chameleon ability allows her to shift into that person’s form, even down to their DNA. Her Power Adaption power allows her to gain all the powers and skills of her target. The Mind Probe allows Lilith to gain the target’s memories and personality traits. At this point, the Unseen believes herself to be the target and will act just as they would in the situation. Only a subconscious urge will force her to secretly carry out her assignment, be it to steal secrets, commit sabotage, or seduce another target. Most of these acts are wiped from her memory when they are committed. The Unseen entity could even be hunting a saboteur, who is she.

When the assignment is over, the target is automatically returned to the point of her banishment and Lilith looses that person’s form and powers. She maintains some of the memories from these assignments, but has difficulty accessing them over time. The Unseen is emotionally unstable and confronting her as a spy while in target form will cause her emotional anguish, possibly ending is catatonia.

The Unseen is of little use in combat scenarios when not in the form of her target. Only her probability still works. Only by assigning a new target to be banished can persuade her to enter the battle.

Probability Manipulation: Rather than a power, a field of bad luck surrounds Agent X, to which only she is immune. She cannot control it and it effects all those within 100 feet of her. When coming into contact with her, a secret roll should be made versus the onlookers Aura. If it fails, the onlooker suffers bad luck so long as they remain within 100 feet of Unseen. This should be run as either everything going wrong that could be wrong or by doubling the Opposing Value on certain dice rolls. This bad luck is often the only clue of Unseen’s presence.

Personal History

Shock Treatment had only recently formed the Doom Patrol when Disruptor was targeted by the Unseen. For several weeks, she fought amongst them before Shock Treatment identified her as a Chameleon. Lilith claimed ignorance as to why she targeted Disruptor, but appears pliant and a useful resource in their activities. For her part, the amnesiac Unseen was only to glad to be given a place and a purpose in life.


Lilith’s chief drawback is her limited analytical ability and her seeming obliviousness. She is upbeat and positive otherwise and thus far proved very loyal to the team.

Use in Adventures

The Unseen should be used as a preview of a full Quorum or Doom Patrol attack. The GM has the option of informing the Player that their ‘real’ player has been banished, but this is optional as Unseen should have their attitude, personality, and only slightly altered powers. While the strange bad luck following her may raise some red flags, most are unaware of the change until her target is released.


  • Because of her uncontrollable probability manipulation, no one willingly spends much time with her. The Unseen is acutely aware of this fact and is very depressed about it.
  • No one knows the history of this young woman and she appears to be genuinely unaware of it herself. Her motives are a mystery. Even the Doom Patrol wonders if the Unseen they know is the base personality or if she is a current ‘assignment.’


Age: Unknown (Appears early 20s)
Height: Varies (Agent X is 5’)
Weight: Varies (Agent X is 110)
Hair: Varies (Agent X is Blond)
Eyes: Varies (Agent X is Blue)

Agent X, The Unseen

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