Demonspawn and Doc

Demonic Evil and Caring Doctor


DEX 8 (4)
STR 13 (4)
BOD 11 (5)
INT 4 (6)
WIL 4 (3)
MIND 4 (4)
INFL 8 (4)
AURA 8 (2)
SPT 7 (4)
Initiative: 20 (14)
Hero Points: 60 (40)
Wealth: 0 (10)
Statistics in parenthesis are Doc’s stats.

Powers-Demonspawn: Acid: 11, Awareness: 10, Detect (Fear): 6, Flame Immunity: 5, Flight: 7, Skin Armor: 8
Powers-Doc: Damage Transference: 8, Regeneration: 3
Skills-Demonspawn: Charisma (Interrogation, Intimidation): 7, Occultist: 12
Skills-Doc: Medicine: 7, Occult (Knowledge): 3
Limitations: Connections: See Powers & Abilities- most of the Unseen’s power must be used in conjunction.
Advantages-Demonspawn: Connections: Quorum (Low), Connections: Hells Hierarchy (Low)
Advantages-Doc: Connections: Quorum (Low), Connections: Bethesda Hospital (Low)
Disadvantages-Demonspawn: Alter Ego (Uncontrollable- At the command of current master- Shock Treatment), Exile from Hell, Strange Appearance, Vulnerability to Intense Cold (-4 Column Shifts)
Disadvantages-Doc: Dark Secret (Possessed by Demon), Guilt (Criminal Activities), Married
Motivation: Nihilist/Unwanted Power
Occupation: Super-powered Operative, Former Free-Agent Demon/Surgeon
Secret Identity: Zedebar/Dr. Franklin Halstrom


Powers and Abilities

Zebadar, the Demonspawn, loves combat and pitting himself against a worthy adversary. Along with Disruptor, he is usually in the midst of any fight searching for a true adversary. Lacking that, he will lash out at anyone around him. He will refrain only at the command of Shock Treatment, his current master.

In addition to his great strength and resistance, the Demonspawn has several ‘gifts’ that benefit him in conflict. His heritage apparently allows him an immense resistance to fire as well. His demonic wings allow him quick flight and allow his to conduct aerial combat maneuvers. As a revenge demon, Zebadar can smell fear and will use this to track down those who flee from his unholy wrath.

Zebadat seldom uses his acid power as it does not provide the lovely crunch provided by a punch. If called for, he vomits a deadly projectile of acid that can eat through steel.

Personal History

Zebadar knows nothing of heaven. He only knows the pit that he was born to. Suckled by a she-demon, he was raised upon the screams of the damned and the dying. Upon reaching maturity, he became enthralled by revenge and volunteered himself to earthly causes when fed by blood and souls. He much favored those causes where those wanting revenge required him to track down a target and bring him screaming to final justice. He continued along this route for millennium uncounted until an African witch managed to destroy his natural body and send his spirit to the void. There was no blood for him in the void and the haunting did nothing to meet his bloodlust.

Franklin Halstrom was a successful physician with a beautiful wife he loved. Unfortunately Lavella Halstrom was stricken with a rare debilitating disease which left her on death’s door. Unable to find a cure, Halstrom turned to Voodoo when science failed. An elderly priest granted him the power to heal, but the openness to new power allowed Zebadar to inhabit him as well. Halstrom uses his new power to keep his wife alive, although she has yet to emerge from her coma. In the beginning, Zebadar was released upon the world whenever the healing powers were used. He feared that finding a way to remove the Demon will mean loosing any hope of keeping his wife alive.

Cursed with random transformations into a bloodthirsty killer, Halstrom sought the advise of his childhood friend, Damon Vise. Shock Treatment’s minions were able to grant him complete control of the demonic persona. Over time, Shock Treatment was able to gain a strong psychological control over both personalities.


Halstrom is a genuinely good man and a devoted healer. Only his circumstances and devotion to his dying wife tie him to the Doom Patrol. He hates breaking the law, but is tied to Vise for the sake or Lavella’s safety. His already strained stability is decreasing, as his wife becomes more difficult to heal. Doctor Halstrom feels that his healing skills belong to the world and will use them on any in need.

The Demonspawn is a being of lust for combat and revenge. He is glad that the Doom Patrol has given him a violent outlet and has taken advantage of the situation to learn more about the mortal world. He is slowly developing a more three dimensional personality. Shock Treatment is unsure if this is a good thing or not.

Use in Adventures

The Demonspawn is found almost solely with the Doom Patrol. On occasion, he has broken his bonds and searched the Maryland suburbs for victims. It is also possible for characters to encounter Doctor Halstrom on a professional level and his ‘almost supernatural’ skills are gaining renown.


  • Should Lavella finally die, Shock Treatment may loose control of Doctor Halstrom. He would then loose both a team physician and a supernatural powerhouse. One wonders what depths he would sink to in order to ensure that this doesn’t happen.
  • The Demonspawn has been missing from Hell for a thousand years. News of his return is spreading and his brothers may decide to free him from his mortal trapping.


Age: Unknown/38
Height: 7’4/6’1
Weight: 400lbs./180lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red/Brown

Demonspawn and Doc

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