The funkiest flunky


Initiative: 17
Hero Points: 39
Wealth: 5

Powers: Air-Walking: 5, Disintegration: 15, Dispersal: 11
Skills: Martial Artist: 8, Thief (Locks & Safes, Security Systems, Stealth): 9, Vehicles (Air): 5
Advantages: Connections: Quorum (Low), New York Mafia (Low)
Disadvantages: Catastrophic Psychological Instability, Oblivious
Motivation: Mercenary
Occupation: Super-powered Operative, Former Mafia Enforcer
Secret Identity: Shawn Reilly


Powers and Abilities

Disruptor was blessed with a mastery of the bonds that hold matter together. To this point, he has only utilized this power for destruction. When he wills it, his touch can kill a target by breaking down the cellular bonds, leaving nothing behind. If he is in a good mood, the target is left maimed and usually pliable to his wishes. Sadly, he has no compunction about using this devastating power. After initial experimentation, he did manage to expand his powers to a point where he can manipulate his own density as well so that his opponents attacks simply pass through him. Use of this dispersal power is an automatic action and does not prevent him from engaging his disintegration abilities. He enjoys moving between the enemy lines, changing targets so that his enemies’ attacks end up doing damage to their own teammates.

Disruptor is no brain surgeon, but he makes up for it with an excellent combat sense and a disregard for casualties. In battle, he is the first in and often the last out. Disruptor values his position on the front line where his particular skills can earn him the highest body count.

Personal History

Shawn Reilly was a member of the US Army during the Iraqi assault “Desert Storm”—— he had been given a choice of joining the army or going to jail by a fairly understanding judge. While his unit saw relatively little action, Shawn was exposed to a variety of chemicals while dismantling a chemical weapons plant on the Kuwaiti border. It is unknown whether this exposure granted him these powers or whether they simply released a dormant ability. During his recovery, Shawn discovered his newfound powers and realized that only a fool would attempt to restrain a man who could turn the human body into bloody ooze. Disruptor was born after he went AWOL and returned to New York.

The New York Carpone family was eager to add a metahuman enforcer to their payroll and Disruptor was a major force in the 1990s turf wars. His reputation in New York is long and bloody. Even the Carpone family was incredulous when simple collection jobs turned into bloodbaths. Disruptor is wanted in New York, but was never apprehended. When the leader of the Carpone family was apprehended, he skipped town. After all, it’s not like the checks were still good anyway. It was during this period that Shock Treatment was forming a new Strike Force. He placed Disruptor on salary and the two began a very dangerous partnership.


It’s a job. The fact that he enjoys the challenge and the money is just gravy. He works hard and plays hard. Disruptor genuinely enjoys working with the Doom Patrol because of the camaraderie and the opportunity to test his limits.

Use in Adventures

Disruptor knows a good thing when he sees it and is loyal to the Doom Patrol. That being said, Shock Treatment never said that he couldn’t take outside jobs so long as they were not of a long duration. It is also possible that the team could meet him in a social setting. Of all the team, he is least worried about public appearances. Shawn figures that he earned his money and that he needs to party hard to keep the job worth doing.


  • Unlike the rest of the team, Disruptor is a professional criminal with a track record. For this reason, he sees himself as deputy leader and more capable of leading the team in combat. While he is not likely to challenge Shock Treatment’s leadership, there is a limit to how many orders he will take.
  • The remnants of the Carpone family see Disruptor as a liability. His loyalty is in question and his abandonment of the cause left a bad taste in their mouths. That being said, no faction has the strength thus far to engage in a search and destroy mission.


Age: 30
Height: 6’3
Weight: 210lbs
Hair: Dirty Blond
Eyes: Blue


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