Dr. James Bundren

Chief Engineer for the Patrol


INT 13
Initiative: 17
Hero Points: 98
Wealth: 9

Skils: Gadgetry: 13*, Scientist: 9*, Weaponry (Firearms): 6
Advantages: Connections: Quorum (Low), Genius, Scholar ( Aerodynamics, Architecture, Genetics)
Equipment: EXO-SKELETON [STR: 5, BODY: 6, Flight: 2, Reflection/ Deflection: 10], The Bundren Claw [ INT: 10, BODY: 4, R#2, Microscopic Vision: 30, Recall: 30, Poison Touch: 10]
Motivation: Mercenary
Occupation: Mad Scientist


Powers and Abilities

Bundren has no powers save his intellect and scientific skills. He is responsible for keeping the Strike Force equipped and analyzing advanced technology. His exoskeleton is used primarily to provide ease of movement around his laboratory, but also serves as a defense against attacks.

The Bundren claw is his favorite invention. It extracts, analyzes, and records a target’s DNA with only a touch. The target is unaware that the test has even taken place. A recent addition is the poison touch, added as the Doctor becomes more worried about Quorum.

Personal History

Bundren is a self-taught man, having studied genetics and engineering texts while working in his immigrant father’s garage. Unable to afford an education and unsure whether it would be worth the effort, Bundren began making a name for himself as a minor inventor until he genius was tapped by a minor criminal organization in the Pacific Northwest.

Things kept on this way for sometime. His employer’s organization fell apart, but Bundren just moved on to another. Over the next forty years he flitted from one organization to another, always avoiding prosecution. His talents were eventually noted by the Quorum. While his activities are relatively similar, the Quorum has had much more staying power than his previous employers.

Shock Treatment recruited Bundren just as he had learned that he was dying. Wanting to do something good in his life, he accepted.


A lifetime in laboratories has left Bundren a little crazed. His disregard for the emotional well being of his subject puts most people off. Several members of the team have commented on the fact that his machinery has more character than he has. While his social skills have atrophied, his keen intellect is at its peek.

Using Dr. Bundren in Adventures

Doctor Bundren now operates slowly within the Doom Patrol headquarters. Unless the players take the fight to him, they are unlikely to meet him. He serves as final protection against infiltration to the base and the author of any last ditch rescue attempts should the team be captured.


  • Bundren has recently discovered that he has an inoperable cancer. While he is still working on a cure, he is slowly coming to grips with the fact that the end is near.
  • Bundren has led a desolate life, but his impending death has led him to desire to leave behind a better life.
  • Bundren is attempting to form a closer rapport with the other members of the team, but his attempts are almost more disturbing than his coldness.


Age: 63
Height: 5’3
Weight: 220lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Dr. James Bundren

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