Shock Treatment

The mastermind behind the fall of Quorum


INT 11
Initiative: 22
Hero Points: 81
Wealth: 20

Powers: Electrical Absorption: 12, Electrical Being: 8, Electrical Control: 10, Lightning: 15, Radar Sense: 6, Teleportation: 10
Skills: Charisma (Persuasion): 10, Detective (Law): 15, Thief (Locks & Safes, Security Systems, Stealth): 6
Limitations: Minor Burnout for Teleportation and Electrical Being Powers
Advantages: Connections: Financial Community (High), Quorum (High), US Governments (Low), Connoisseur, Extensive Headquarters, Leadership, Omni-Connection (High), Scholar (Business)
Disadvantages: Authority Figure, Dark Secret (Criminal Activities, Betrayal of Quorum), Secret ID
Motivation: Power Lust
Occupation: CEO of ViseSteel International, Super-Powered Subversive
Secret Identity: Damon Vise

Patrol Headquarters: The Doom Patrol operates from an underground lair on a small island in the Chesapeake Bay. Its location is hidden even from the Quorum High Council. It was designed by Beta and outfitted by Robotics Engineer, James Bundren. The island is owned by Shock Treatment through a series of dummy corporations.


Powers and Abilities

Shock Treatment would remain a dangerous man even if his powers were stripped from him. He is cunning and does not take chances unless the odds are in his favor. While his electrical powers serve him well on the battlefield, his personal wealth and survival instincts give him the ability to destroy a man without lifting a finger. His electrical powers just give him the edge he believes he needs in order to make his dreams of power a reality. Because of his background, Vise has an irrational fear of his electrical self. He prefers not to use his electrical form unless it appears that it is absolutely necessary to accomplish his goals. Extended use of the Electrical Being or Teleportation powers leaves his exhausted.

In combat, Shock Treatment will generally hang back using his electrical control to attack opponents rather than making them aware of his Lightning ability and his massive combative power. Some heroes may believe him to be an unpowered agent, until they get too close. Shock Treatment is not above pretending to surrender before unleashing his Lightning on an unsuspecting hero. Shock Treatment refuses to be captured and will order the Doom Patrol to a tactical retreat if things go badly. He much prefers to fight a battle on his own terms.

Personal History

Damon Vise was born on the same stormy night that his father was sent to the electric chair. Pregnant with a condemned man’s child, his mother had quickly married a wealthy industrialist, Reginald Vise of Baltimore. Not a particularly warm man, Regi Vise raised the boy even when his wife died giving birth to second child, a daugter. Damon was told about his natural father when he turned eighteen and the shock caused his electrical powers to manifest. His first act was the murder of his stepfather and the hostile takeover of ViseSteel Industries. Under his guidance, ViseSteel has gained international status—leaving Damon Vise as a man feared and respected throughout the business community.

His “hobby” has escaped public notice. Vise was approached by the criminal cartel, The Quorum, and offered a place in its business affairs division. When it was learned that he also possessed metahuman abilities, he was offered a position on their Strike Force- informally called the Doom Patrol. In exchange for his services, Quorum paved the way for many of the successes enjoyed by ViseSteel. The original Strike Force was decimated in a surprise attack from a rival organization, leaving a battered Shock Treatment as the sole survivor. When the Strike Force was re-formed, he was its leader. Upon learning that the Quorum high council had been aware that the attack was to occur, Shock Treatment was outraged that they held him to be of such limited value. He vowed to destroy the High Council and take their power for his own. Shock Treatment has already co-opted the loyalty of the Doom Patrol and is slowly extending his influence within Quorum.


In his role as a successful businessman, Damon Vise can be both genial and friendly. Those who encounter him in this manner are generally impressed, but woe to those who cross him. His ego is monstrous, but not entirely unearned. Shock Treatment has too much invested in his public identity to let it be compromised. He will use his connections and business skills to utterly destroy an opponent. If that fails, then the Doom Patrol is on hand to solve problems permanently.

Shock Treatment sees himself as the first modern villain, one who uses the secrets of the business world to ensure victory. Any problem is painstakingly researched so that the risks are understood and minimized. Every Doom Patrol operation has an objective, backup plans, and an exit strategy.

Use in Adventures

Quorum and the Doom Patrol are both concerned about maintaining anonymity. Neither is so powerful that they want to face public scrutiny. While many street level criminals had heard of The Quorum, very few of the ones working for them are aware of it. Simply learning Quorum’s name should take them serious investigation. It is their subtlety that makes them dangerous.

Meeting Vise in his public identity is much more common for those in Washington or Baltimore. He could very well be on the opposite side of an issue they favor-, earning them a visit from the Strike Force.


  • Every action taken by Shock Treatment can be viewed in different ways. While he must maintain the appearance of loyalty to Quorum, Shock Treatment is constantly trying to usurp their power for himself. If they learn of this, then the real fun starts. A battle royale between the Doom Patrol and Quorum proper will end with one side completely destroyed.
  • Damon Vise has a reputation as a power broker in Washington and there has been serious speculation about his entering politics himself. This could be traumatic for those heroes who know of his underworld activities.
  • Maxine Vise, the natural daughter of Reginald Vise has recently graduated college and has returned to help in the family business. A bright and honest young woman, her presence could it more difficult for Shock Treatment to lead his double life.


Age: 36
Height: 6’
Weight: 180lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Shock Treatment

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