The Happy Reaper

The laughing death calling from the shadows


DEX 12
Initiative: 22
Hero Points: 16
Wealth: 3

Powers: Cling: 6, Snare: 8, Regeneration: 10, Ultra Vision: 10
Skills: Artist (Actor):10
Limitations: Acrobatics: 8, Martial Artist: 5, Thief (Pickpocket, Stealth): 5, Weapon (Exotic): 8
Advantages: Area Knowledge (Greater Los Angeles), Connections: Quorum (Low), Gift of Gab
Disadvantages: Traumatic Flashbacks
Equipment: Spirit Scythe [Body: 7, EV: 5, Spirit Drain: 8, Limitation: If the Scythe is not feed 1 pt. Spirit every day, Reaper is at –3 Column Shifts until the difference is made up.]
Motivation: Thrill-Seeker
Occupation: Quorum Operative, Various
Secret Identity: Joe Richmond


Powers and Abilities

The Reaper’s near death experience left his with unearthly dexterity and combatant skills. Additionally, he can create a web-like net of dark force that ensnares his targets. Once incapacitated, the Reaper can appear into full view to feed his Soul Scythe. While the Scythe can used in simple melee combat, it also can be used to drain the Spirit of those it touches.

The Reaper usually operates from the shadows, taunting his victims before moving in for the kill. His night vision allows him to pursue his victim even in near-perfect darkness. While the Soul Scythe makes him a dangerous combatant in any situation, he much prefers striking from darkness, where his victims can only hear his maniacal laughter.

Personal History

Joey Richmond ran away from home at a young age and joined the youth culture in Los Angeles. In order to survive, he joined one of the many street gangs- The Death’s Head. This multi-racial street gang had carved out a piece of territory when a rival gang emerged in the area equipped with high tech weaponry. At the culmination of the war, the entire street gang was killed in combat and Joey Richmond was mortally wounded. As he lay bleeding to death, the young punk saw a hooded figure passing from one of his brothers to another. When his turn came, Richmond heard a bitter laugh as the skeletal figure lightly touched his forehead.

He awoke in the morgue, where his strange new powers helped him to escape and take his revenge on the gang that slaughtered his adopted brothers. In this battle, the Soul Scythe appeared in his hand. Taking the name “The Happy Reaper,” he made good use of it. In his new role as avenging spirit, Richmond became quite a thorn in the side of Quorum’s Los Angeles operations. Shock Treatment was dispatched to end these problems, but he saw the boy’s potential and explained his plans to destroy Quorum from the inside.

Joey has enjoyed his new role as super-powered villain and plans to stick with it as long as it remains fun. Coincidentally, he has developed a grim loyalty to the Doom Patrol, seeing it as a replacement for his fallen brothers.


It is perfectly obvious that the Reaper is having the time of his life. Having faced death once, he is determined to enjoy his second chance. Life has become a series of good times. Unfortunately, this death has left his with a sick sense of humor and a selfish view of the world.

Use in Adventures

The Reaper will most likely hang with the Doom Patrol until its end. He should be a chilling maniacal presence to leave the players with a unsettled feeling.


  • The Happy Reaper lives for a good time. Should the players turn out to intrigue him, he might well stalk them secretly and attempt to deliver their souls to his scythe.
  • Joey doesn’t think a lot of his early years, but his mother is still searching for him.


Age: 18
Height: 5’9
Weight: 150lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black

The Happy Reaper

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