The Quorum

In 1976, Interpol learned of the existence of a shadow conspiracy tied to market manipulation in Europe. In the ensuing investigation, hidden references to the organization were found as early as the 1920s. Agent Dominic Franz was assigned to the case. He found rumors to Quorum throughout Europe, but was unable to find anyone who admitted to being a part of the organization. He did question a seemingly random group of people who indicated that they had been employed by the Quorum at some point in the past for a specific assignment. In the following weeks, several witnesses died under mysterious circumstances and the Interpol office housing the investigation records was targeted by Palestinian terrorists. Agent Franz resigned from Interpol shortly afterward. His current whereabouts are unknown. The ensuing quarter century has led several world governmental agencies to an awareness of Quorum’s existence, but to date no hard facts pertaining to their plans or organization has been found.

Barbara Sampson (Agent Beta- The Library) and Damon Vise (Shock Treatment) were inducted into the Quorum in the mid-1990s. While they have encountered a number of operatives, they have not been brought into the confidence of the High Council and are unaware of the Quorum’s master plan.

The High Council

Shock Treatment and Agent Beta have both been summoned to a High Council meeting in the past. It consists of seven members. The meeting occurred in Switzerland, but the exact location is unknown. The councilors were robed and their identity is unknown to this point. It is known that each councilor has been assigned an area of special concern. Thus far, only the councilors for government, commerce, and operations have made direct contact to the Strike Force.

Commercial Activities

When Damon Vise was originally approached, the Quorum was unaware of his metahuman abilities. The offer was relatively simple, he would receive instructions that his company would follow. In return, the company would enjoy unprecedented success and the Quorum would pave the way to ensure its continued success. While he has given preferential treatment to certain clients, ViseSteel has seen government investigations disappear, Congressional votes shift, and his net worth skyrocket. It is believed that most Quorum associates do not move beyond this point, carrying out ‘favors’ in return for assured success. Beta has thus far been unable to isolate a common goal in the ‘favors’ that she is aware of. She theorizes that the Council has a particular group of companies that they want to succeed, but that they have influence in hundreds of others through their various associates.

Governmental Activities

Agent Beta was originally approached for the purpose of obtaining intelligence from the US State Department. Her analysis was so successful that she was offered additional responsibilities, including the duty of recruiting operatives and disseminating directives. While she is sure that she is involved in only a fraction of Quorum activities, Beta has been called upon to alter governmental intelligence and alter US attitudes toward certain other governments.

Operations Activities

Operations appears to be a catch-all position for situations where direct involvement is required. It is believed that they are the tool used when violence is required. They also direct the official activities of the Strike Force and standard Field Agents. In the past, the Strike Force, known informally as the Doom Patrol, has spent much of their time involved with industrial espionage. Neither Quorum nor the Strike Force are above wetwork to avoid detection, but these assignments are usually farmed out to independent contractors. Thus far, the Doom Patrol has never been requested to operate outside of North America. While no other metahuman operatives have been encountered, Shock Treatment assumes that his is not the only strike force.


The greatest asset that the Quorum has is their secrecy. Every associate receives his instruction from a single other operative and most activities are undertaken by hirelings. The name of Quorum is not unknown in the criminal underworld, but its greater goals are unknown. The typical thug only knows that sometimes a mysterious stranger approaches them, hires them under the name of the Quorum, and pays them handsomely for a seemingly simple task. Occasionally a contractor or an associate will attempt to learn more or report their activities to the police. In every instance, the traitor has disappeared or their story has not been taken seriously.

Aside from the Strike Force, the Quorum does not appear to have a hidden base or operatives in brightly colored costumes. While their holdings and influence is vast, they could almost be seen as a ‘gentleman’s club’ for the influential worldwide.

Using Quorum and the Patrol

The Quorum should be a mysterious threat, but their real objectives will take a long time to unravel. While there is no shortage of contacts regarding the Quorum, no one of them knows enough to provide more than dead ends. The Doom Patrol is their operating arm in the US. While not the most powerful force, they are dangerous because of their training and intelligence. The most likely encounter will be a random, having been seen while breaking into a government or industrial installation. Unless the players become a threat to their security, the Doom Patrol is more likely distracting their adversaries before conducting their exit. If combat is their goal, then hit and run tactics are likely. Unless surprised, the Strike Force is likely to have rehearsed the entire operation.

Strike Force Equipment

While the following list is available to most agents, the Quorum is discourages their use unless the assignment specifically calls for it. They are concerned about creating a pattern that would be easy for the government to identify. Doctor James Bundren created most of the following.

Urban Glider (1-Man Transport): [STR: 5, BODY: 8, Flight: 8, Energy Blast: 5]

Infrared Goggles: [BODY: 3, Thermal Vision: 12, R#2]

Neutralizer: [BODY: 6, Nuetralize: 8, R#3]

OPS UNIFORM: [STR: 6, BODY: 7, Bomb: 10, Cling: 5, Bomb represents self-destruct feature, generally controlled by OPS Mission Commander]
Security Android [DEX: 5, STR: 8, INT: 3, WILL: 2, Skin Armor: 6, Energy Blast: 8, Thermal Vision: 5, R#5]

Smoke Capsules [BODY: 1, Fog: 10]

Sonics: [BODY: 5, Sonic Beam: 7}

Spy Camera [BODY: 1, Recall: 8, R#2]

StrikeCzar X (Air Transport) [DEX: 4, STR: 12, BODY: 10, Flight: 11, Fog: 10, Radar Sense: 13, Sealed Systems: 15, Hardened Defenses, R#1]

Thermal Gun [BODY: 3, Heat Vision: 8, R#2]

Typical Field Agent

Initiative: 12
Hero Points: 20
Wealth: 0

Skills: Charisma: 4, Vehicles (Choose One): 5, Weaponry (Choose Two): 5
Advantages: Area Knowledge: Per Adventure, Connections: Quorum (Low), Credentials: Per Adventure, Scholar: Per Adventure
Drawbacks: Debt
Motivation: Mercenary
Wealth: 5

The Quorum

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